Important Tips for Teen Talk that all Parents should know!

Teen Talk and small-talk tips about teens! has compile some important points to follow to ensure peace in the family camp!

Teen Talk is an important topic, as we try to assist parents of teenagers,providing relevant information, for easier understanding about parenting.

This page issue,will equip you with tools to ensure a happy and harmonious family life, wherein all family members are winners.

Parenting of teens can often be a real challenge, but with our informal form of Teen Talk advice,

we hope you all will benefit greatly by our comprehensive articles,covering a variety of conversation techniques, available to you and your family.

Small-Talk Tip!

Respect your teens and their opinions.

Just because they are young and inexperienced doesn’t mean they haven’t got valid opinions. Please show respect and understanding when they express themselves.

Small-talk Tip!

Believe and trust them.

Encouragement and genuine praise often leads to a deeper trust. Any Teen Talk with false pretense, is a waste of time, as your teenagers will find you out, quick smart. Don’t even try.

Small-Talk Tip!

Listen carefully to your teens.

One of the most important aspects of Teen Talk/Communication is listening, listening and more listening! Allow your teens to talk and finish without interruption from parents.

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Perhaps a “Talking Stick”, whereby the “talker” speaks for say 3 minutes at a time without interruption, could be introduced if listening is hard to come by.

Small-Talk Tip!

Keep communicating.

Keep the-art-of-small-talk with your teen going!Even if your teens seem uninterested and bored (an expression they execute so brilliantly) keep up the small-teen-talk, ask genuine interesting questions and wait for their answers; questions like: What kind of music do you listen to? Who is the artist?

What do you like about it, etc. etc. And if you are brave enough, listen to their music,art or watch a DVD with them!

Respect their space and privacy. If you genuinely care and let your teens know you are there for them when it matters, they will in turn confide in you when they need to. Don’t nag them. Respect their space and privacy, it means a lot to them.

Small-Talk Tip!

Do not embarrass them.

Treat them with respect, especially in front of their mates. There is nothing worse than calling them by their family nickname or baby talking them, or even worse kissing them goodbye. Just think back to your own teen days, and how often your parents embarrassed you in front of your friends – what embarrassed you then will probably embarrass your kids too.

“To an adolescent [teen], there is nothing in the world more embarrassing than a parent.” - Dave Barry

Small-Talk Tip!

Be open about teen sex!

Teen pregnancy is on the rise again, and whether you like it or not, if you ignore this important subject your teen may be the next in line waiting for the stork to arrive. So be open and frank.

If you are unsure how to breach this subject, perhaps, you could visit the Google University and find some informative sites about sex education for teens.

It’s possible your teens know more about the “Forbidden Subject” than you do! Teens are already informed through school,uncle Google, etc.

Small-Talk Tip!

Set your boundaries.

When in Rome do what the Romans do! So when teenagers are living at home, they should do as their parents tell them to do.

Boundaries are set for family harmony and must be adhered to, no ifs or buts. Some times tough love must be applied in a home for the sake of the rest of the family members.

If your teens don’t like it, tough! Stick to your fair boundaries and keep talking and reminding them,that it is for their own sake. No rules, family anarchy (lawlessness) reigns FULL STOP.

Don’t be inconsistent when dealing with the rules you set, and the way you dish out punishment when teens break these rules.Treat individual case on its merit, and if you have more than one child, don’t punish your other children for the perpetrators misdemeanor.

Don’t favor individuals when it comes to punishment – if they do the crime they must do the time.

If they break the exact same rule, don’t punish them differently, don’t vary the punishment, making one harsher than the other – be consistent and treat each child the same.

It works in our beloved family and has done wonderfullly well, both in Australia and Denmark!

Small-Talk Tip!

Super value your family!It's the only one you got!

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