Teen Acronyms Finder and Small-Talk how to implement it!

The Teen Acronyms Finder,is a great tool to help parents to decipher some of their Teen Chat rooms Small-Talk.

The-Art-Of-Small-Talk Team is coming to the rescue again!

We are supplying parents through" family chats", the latest up-to-date Teen Chat Acronym Finder, to empower them and to help them understand their Teens on-net behavior.

We hope the Teen Acronym Finder will be a trusted companion,to keep you all, one step ahead of your teenagers in their attempt to out-fox you about chat-room Small-Talk.

Here are some of many thousands Acronyms,these are the most popular used among teens.

Please don't forget your own encrypted messages,used to keep secrets away from your own parents and friends,when you were teenagers yourselves!

Oh Dear Me,we can almost hear you say, all the way out here in Australia! See Australian Slang .There's some funny stuff! Yes, we all used the same form of conversation and Small-Talk as our teens to-day,but with out a Teen Chat Acronym Finder!

Here we go with a few, of the more known acronyms,which are popular with Teens;

• 5 - Wait a few minutes to speak, a parent (or guardian) is in the room

• 55 - Coast is clear,we can alk about things

• AFK - Away From Keyboard

• BBL - Be Back later

• ASL - What's your Age, Sex and Location?

• b/ac - Because

• BF - Boyfriend
• BFF - Best Friend Forever

• BFO - Blinding Flash of Obvious

• BRB - Be Right Back

• BTW - By The Way

• CLM - Career Limiting Move

• CTN - Can't Talk Now

• CYA(C-ya)- See You Later

• FWIW - For What It’s Worth

• G2G - Got To Go

• GF - Girlfriend

• HHOK - Ha ha , only kidding

• IDK - I Don't Know

• ILU, ILY (ily, ilu) - I Love You

• IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

• IRL - In Real Life (offline, NOT on the computer)

• JK - Just Kidding

• L8R - Later (I'll talk to you later)

• LMA - Leave Me Alone

• LQ - Laughing quietly because someone is in the room

• LYLAS- Love You Like A Sister

• MOATM- Music On At The Moment

• NM - Not Much

• NOOB - Newbie, someone new and inexperienced

• NVM - Never mind

• OMG - Oh My Gosh

• PDA - Public Display of Affection

• PHAT - Pretty Hot And Tempting

• POP - Parent is On Prowl, can't speak freely

• POS - Parent Over my Shoulder,so watch what you say

• PUA - Pick Up Artist

• ROTFL- Rolling On The Floor Laughing

• SN - Screen name

• SOS - Sibling Over Shoulder, watch what you say

• STFU - Shut the Face... up!

• THX - Thanks

• TMI - Too Much Information (like thinking about your parents kissing, getting"hot".

• TTFN - TaTa For Now

• TTYL - Talk To You Later

• WTH - What the Heck...
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