Small Talk For V.I.P Occassions.

Small talk is conversation for its own sake; the ability to conduct these art-forms of communications ,are acquired social skills!

The-art-of-small-talk is sometimes referred to as "phatic communication"

Learn How To Start Great Conversations and create small talk with anyone....

Meeting people sometimes can be difficult, but think about it, you may be missing the chance to talk to someone who could become your best friend or partner for life!

Are YOU afraid to approach people with nothing to say? Do you find it hard to start a great conversation with complete strangers at parties ?

Did you lose a dream job due to your bad conversation techniques during a job interview?

Do you struggle to talk to large numbers of people at meetings or presentations?

Having worked in a variety of small, medium and large companies, organisations and clubs, we have found that 80% of the people are afraid to approach someone they don't already know to start small talk communications.

Did you know that even Hollywood Stars struggle to hold a good conversation and conduct small talk with strangers and fellow actors!

How to Start a Great Conversation. The-art-of-small-talk takes practice, and is not as hard as you might think.

It will take some knowledge, practice, and patience, and you can learn to relax and enjoy a great conversation.

Imagine how different YOUR life would be if you could start a great conversation with a total stranger and feel totally comfortable ?

"With a bit of help, absolutely anyone can start a great conversation !!

Before we venture forward here are some;

V.I.P Small Talk Tips!

So many different opinions, with often the same answers, regarding how to apply Small Talk in any given daily situation!

Often these well meaning people's advise has been obtained by reading other people's techniques and therefore not applying their own real acquired art-of-small-talk!

What you need to take hold off, if you are looking for how to make small talk, is real "life to life" experiences that works and not some re hatched theoretical "Mumbo Jumbo" tales or yarns!

Drop in and see Our Australian Slang & Lingo! That will give you a laugh or two!

What is "Start A Great Conversation” all about?

Using our techniques you can keep a conversation going for hours and hours!

If you have a long interesting conversation the very first time you meet someone, there is a good chance you can make you someone fall in love with you!

What is “Cherry Picking”? You see, when people communicate, they choose words and phrases, even in normal conversation, that tell you what they are interested in. Eg. see "How to make Small Talk" for a great example on how this exciting art-of-small-talk, about "very little" led to a discovery of perhaps the new Australian "Steven Spielberg, film extraordineare" or perhaps even our "ownn" film producer and actor Paul-Crokedile Dundee-Hogan!

You basically have to listen very closely to what people say, the phrases and words they use. If you listen carefully, you will be able to pick on the clues that people give when talking.

You then have to act on these clues and have to make the conversation interesting by talking to the person about what they are interested in.

You too can learn how to start a great conversation with anyone using this fantastic acquired learning system!

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Basic Small talk Tips for V.I.P Occassions.

1)Introduce yourself to that person you've been admiring from afar.

2)Get the person's telephone number, or tell a common friend you would like the number.

3)Call. Choose a time that is not intrusive. Call when you are comfortable doing so, regardless of what your friends might say about the right time to call.

4)Reintroduce yourself once you're on the phone by saying something like, "Hey, it's John. We met at the book signing."

5)Using as little pretense as possible (ideally none), ask the person if he or she would like to get together for a cup of coffee or do something similarly casual. If you are politely refused, take the hint and get off the phone.

6)Meet casually for a brief time - half an hour or so. If that goes well, suggest a more formal date, such as lunch.

7)Go! Go on the more formal date!

Small Talk Tips & Warnings!

Besides getting a cup of coffee, some of the best ideas for a date are the things you love to do the most, such as going to an art museum or getting muddy on a mountain bike ride.

This gives the other person a chance to get to know more about your personality.

Humor is often the best remedy for rejection. Congratulate yourself for trying and move on.

Going to see a movie is not a very good idea for a date; it shows a lack of creativity and does not allow the two of you to spend much time talking.

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