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The-art-of-small-talk Team invite our loyal visitors, to a real threat of sayings and small talk,from around the world.

Wherever you come from and whatever Language you speak, we'll try to include it on our now "famous world wide tour of slangs!"

We'll have expert Small Talk Tips!

But here we go;with some humorous sayings from A to Z!

A happy Birthday - A phrase mostly used by guys when they catch themselves in a situation when a girl exposes some part of her anatomy without knowing it, clothed or not. Usually happens at the gym. Naughty, naughty guys!

Amazon - A physically masculine woman. Usually implies tall. Often implies unattractive. Sometimes implies ill-tempered.

Ants in your pants - To be nervous or anxious or jumpy; to be unable to sit still.

Barf - To vomit.

Barney - The police. That Barney busted up our party.

Bash - Big, exciting party.

Beamer - A BMW automobile."I bought a Beamer yesterday."

Beard - A person who helps another to cover up a clandestine relationship, often by acting as >a sham romantic partner.

Beat around the bush - To delay in getting to the point. Quit beating around the bush and tell me the bad news!An Australian favourite slang phrase!

Blow it - To lose or waste something; to do very poorly or fail miserably. You didn't study for your exam, so you blew it.

Blue (or down) - Sad, depressed.

Bluebird - Bluebird,in business, an unexpected, very profitable, or easily made sale.

Bog - A bogus/fraud job. They did a major bog on their taxes this year.

Booster - A shoplifter, especially a professional shoplifter.

Brodeo - A get-together or a party where the attendance is predominantly male.

Broham - A close buddy, compadre, smoking and/drinking buddy. a term of endearment between men to reaffirm heterosexuality.

Cancer stick - Cigarette.

Cashed - Empty. Usually refers to a marijuana smoking device. I think the bowl is cashed.

Check my spam - Checking one's email though certain one has received no important communication. Compulsively and frequently checking one's email, when one is not expecting an important message.

Cheese - An attractive male. I'm going to the party to find some cheese.

Chicano - US-born Mexican.

Chicken tractor - Chicken tractor, a bottomless, mobile chicken coop that rests directly on the ground. British chicken ark, Australian chook tractor.

You must see our humorous Australian slang site , you'll laugh yourself silly, especially the "Aboriginal payback" to the white or "pink" fella! This is slang at its best!

Chief out - To smoke marijuana; get high. Later, I'm going to chief out.

Clam - A dollar. I'll sell you this camera for fifty clams.

Cockroach killers - Pointy-toed cowboy boots.

Cooked - Under the influence of drugs. I was so cooked last night.

Cop shop - Police station.

Cuts - Muscles. Want to feel my cuts?

De-food - To vomit. Maybe I'll feel better after I de-food.

Dead man's switch - Dead man?s switch,especially in railroad usage, a safety device meant to stop or slow a vehicle or machine if its operator releases the controls.

Delurk - Entering an online discussion after a time spent lurking, especially if suddenly prompted to do so.

Diesel - Muscular. Check out his body, he's diesel.

Digits - phone number.

DOA - Hopeless or futile; something that cannot be repaired or salvaged.The victim was rushed to the emergency room, where doctors pronounced him DOA.

Drop science - To share knowledge or information. An exellent slang word!

Dude - Cool person.

Easy mark - Likely victims.

Egypped - Cheated or shorted money or merchandise in an on-line transaction. (Pronounced like the country Egypt, we must folow up with Egyption slang.)

Elevision - The act of people in an elevator staring up, uncomfortably, at the numbers as they light up when the car moves.What a clever slang phrase! Great stuff!

Emo - Very emotional or melodramatic. Emo kids! And another one!

Errorist - Someone who repeatedly makes mistakes. Says stuff he believes is true, but anyone with common sense can see she/he's wrong.These "Beauties" slang sayings, just keep on coming!

Excess baggage - A person or thing that gets in the way; a burden that you are stuck with.

Facebook surprise - When you don't know a picture has been taken, of you until you see it uploaded by someone else on facebook.

Fat cat - A person who has great wealth and power; a tycoon, who sometime causes inflation!

Feen - When you think about something 24/7 and you cant get it off your mind, like craving drugs. I'm feening for some ice cream.

Fence - To sell stolen goods. A person who purchases stolen goods.

Fess up - To confess.

Finer than frog hair - Extremely attractive. That girl is finer than frog hair.

Finna - About to. I'm finna go to the store.

Fishy - Suspicious.

Flick - A movie.

Flintstoning - The act of moving your desk with your feet , without getting out of it.

For shizzle - For sure.

Freak - A social outcast or misfit; a strange person.

Freebies - Items and services you can get for free - especially on the Web. "I spent all evening surfing the Web for freebies."

Funds - Money.

See Austarlian's funny money

Gab - To chat, she likes to gab on the phone.

Gaffle - To steal or obtain something wrongly."He gaffled my stereo."

Gang banger - Someone who is in a gang.

Gangsta - A real thug, livin' the streets the way that the hip-hop lifestyle would suggest. Johnny is the only real gangsta I know.

Gatt - A firearm.

Gazillion - A large number.

Geek - To display an embarrassing amount of happiness.

Gerund grinder - A school teacher. I’d love to come with you, but I have to stay home and translate Cicero for Mr. Jones—that old gerund grinder!

Get a five finger discount - To steal.

Ghetto bird - A police helicopter using a spotlight.

Giggle water - alcohol.

Go bananas - To react with extreme or irrational distress or composure. to go insane.When I told him that his girlfriend left town, he went bananas.

Gooseberry - An unwelcome chaperon or extra person on a date.

Grape smugglers - Tight-fitting male swimming briefs. Commonly referred to as "Speedo's"(Used to be an Australian Icon).

Gravy train - A job where no work is involved. To get paid for doing nothing. Standing around at work and talking all day.

Grit - Cigarette.

Grub - Food? I'm hungry. Let's get some grub.A very important slang word in Ozz!

Grub Street - The world of poor writers (in money and/or quality) and writers for hire.

Guts - Courage, valor; having the nerve to do something. Joe had real guts to fight a man twice as big as himself.We have a song by Angry Anderson, called "No guts No glory!"

Gwap - Money.

Hammered - Drunk.

"Will our parents do drunk driving

after their party bash? Or will they catch a cab/taxi home?"

Has-been - A person who was once famous or successful, but is no longer. He was so famous, but now he is just a Has-been.

Have a screw loose - To be odd or insane. To have a disturbed or unusual thought process. She certainly has a screw loose.

hayseed - A person from a rural area.

Slang words like;

"Hole in the wall" - Brings back some great memories, we used to visit, it was excactly a small, simple place, particularly a shop or restaurant. It's just a hole in the wall, but the food is excellent."We had such wonderful 'Ristorante' at Darlinghurst,Sydney!" What "Bonza" time we had there!Another top slang expression!

Honey wagon - A farm wagon used to spread manure on fields.

Hooked - Addicted; to like something so much that you need it every day.


Hundo - Alternative pronunciation of "hundred." He makes two hundo per weekend. In Australia "A redback"(Deadly spider with a red cross on it's back).

Hunk - Handsome man, like Zach Efron(Actor).

Hurl - To vomit. I hurled in the car.

Identity crash - Sudden and catastrophic collapse of an individual's ability to keep all the threads of his or her online identity straight when the individual joins one too many social networks.

Idgi - I Don't Get It.

Init - Isn't it?

In someone's hair - Constantly annoying; bothering someone again and again.

Irk - To annoy, pester, bother. He just irks me.

Item - A news-worthy couple. The two of them are an item now.

Jam - To play an instrument with great intensity. The guitar player jammed out at the concert last night!

Jerk - A mean or unlikeable person.

Jesus made (it) - Indicates something is of high quality or tastes excellent. "Have some brownies

Jesus made them!"

What an absolute "beauty" slang word!

Juice - Juicy gossip, secret information. Josie just told me some serious juice about Rosa.

Juiced - Excited.

Juju - Medicine.

Slang continues;

Jumpy - Nervous or apprehensive; afraid that something bad will happen.

Kick down with - To give. Usually used when someone is withholding something. Hey dude, kick down with some more food.

Kicked the bucket - Her step aunty kicked the bucket, to die.

Kicks - Shoes.

Knockout - Beautiful woman.

Large - One thousand dollars. That will cost you ten large.

Lift - To steal, someone lifted my wallet.(So don't ever ask someone to lift 'something' for you!)This slang word could be wrongly interpreted!

Limou - A limousine. shoes or sneakers. Thinking of our Own Donny the local Yamba, Limou Driver!

LMAO - Acronym of "laughing my". Used frequently in online chatting.

see"Teen chat " acronyms

and learn what your teens are up to!

LOL - Acronym of "laugh out loud." Used frequently in online chatting.

Logrolling - Exchanging favors (often in a dishonest or corrupt way) for mutual gain.

Love handles - Unsightly fat that shows from the sides at the waist, usually on men.

Manny - A male nanny. How good a slang word!

Mondo bizarro - Extremely strange; wierd.

Moob - Male breasts, he didn’t want anyone to see his moobs when he took off his shirt.

Mouse arrest - Getting grounded from the family computer.

Nano nap - An unintentional, seconds-long nap that you take most often in class or a really boring meeting.

Nasty - Really bad, disgusting. Oh man, your bathroom smells nasty!

Nillionaire - Person without any money of their own. Everything's in his wife's name, he's just a nillionaire.

Nunya - Contraction of "none of your business."

OG - Original gangsta. His father is an OG.

On the map - Well known, established.

One foot in the grave - Close to death; a person who is or appears to be nearly dead.

Pap -(of paparazzi or a press photographer) to take a photograph (of someone or something).

Pay out - To insult, 'dis' or burn someone. I waz paying him out about spewing from just one drink.

Peasantvision - Television channels you get without a cable or satellite TV subscription.

I can't afford digital cable, but I still get some good shows with the rabbit ears on peasantvision.

Peep - To listen to.

Penny pincher - Cheap, stingy person who rarely spend money. She never goes to restaurants because she's such a penny pincher

Perma-fried - To appear as if on drugs, even though one is sober. Man, you're perma-fried.

Person of pallor - Person of pallor,a white or Caucasian person.

PITA acronym of "pain in the a..." - That girl is a real PITA.

Pizza tumor - A large burned air bubble that sometimes forms in the crust of a pizza, rendering the slice that contains it significantly less appealing. An extremely nasty slang phrase!

Poke war - A back and forth battle utilizing Facebook's poking mechanism.

Prostitot - An under-aged girl who acts and/or dresses like a prostitute.

PWN - To totally dominate someone in a video game.

QT - "Cutie." Used in online chatting.Especially in

teen chat, but also, a slang acronym used by many grown-ups!

Rain closet - The shower. I am going to hit the rain closet.

Rake in - To earn, usually money.

Rents - Abbreviation of "parents" .Finally a slang phrase , we parents, only know too well!

Scratchland - Scotland.

Shipper - A fan who writes fan fiction about and/or has an attachment to a “real” or imagined romance in a work of fiction.

Smell check - Double checking the clothes you put on for any funky odors before getting dressed and leaving the house.

Snail mail - Letters sent through the post office; mail that is carried, as opposed to e-mail.

snooze - To sleep.

Stack it - To fall over in a spectacular or amusing fashion, often to the immense amusement of the people around you.

Steez - Style. You may like music downloads, but that's not my steez. I still spin vinyl records.

Stripper wallet - When you're carrying a wallet with only $20s and $1s. Twenties for the pay, and $1s for the tips. Not In Australia, No Tipping Needed!

Take a bone - To get something to eat.

Talkie - A film with sound.

Tanked - Extremely inebriated. I was tanked last night.

Threads - Clothes. Nice threads.

Throne - Toilet. He was in the bathroom sitting on the throne.In Oz we have a slang saying; "The throne room!"

Ticked - Angry. She's really ticked because his boyfriend cheated on her.

Townie - A person who lives in (and usually grew up in)a university town but is not connected to the institution.

Twazzock - A stupid or disagreeable person.

Urp - To vomit. to burp.

Vid - Video. Let's watch this vid.

Voicejail - The loop of options where you get stuck when trying to navigate your voice mail. I tried changing my phone greeting and I got stuck in voicejail.

VPL - visible panty line.

Wep - Weapon.

Whine - To complain - Whinge, it used to be the Pommies but now Australia have taken no.1 spot, and are good at it!A great slang saying!

Whoadie - Your friend, particularly someone from the same area of the city as you.

Whodi - Friend. Pronounced "whoa-dee." See that dude? He's my whodi.

whole paycheck - A nickname for Whole Foods Market, the now-famous purveyor of (rather high-priced) organic and fresh foods and sundries.

Wifive - Short for Wireless High-Five, used when you want to give a friend a high-five, but you are further then arms reach from each other. It doesn't involve any physical contact.

Windbag - A boring person who talks too much (negative)Joe's speech was over an hour long at the meeting. His co-workers think he's a windbag.

Wooden overcoat - A coffin.

Workaholic - Person who is addicted to working.

Yada - Et cetera. We went to the mall, saw some friends, yada yada yada, the usual stuff. We have a friendly financial adviser, who use this slang word, constantly!

Yap - To talk aimlessly; or, the mouth. Shut your yap! We're sick of your boring comments!

Yawn in Technicolor - To vomit. He yawned in Technicolor after the party.

Yuppie - A young person who works in business, makes lots of money, and buys luxury items; often used in a derogatory way.

Zillionaire - A very, very rich person.

Zoom-in - An unexpected and usually undesirable kiss. She pulled a zoom-in on me last night.

Zosted - -Intoxicated.

Slang and its sometime hillarious sounding, is the uniqueness of every country in the world, and part of what makes it so special to its people.

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