Self Improvement.

The Topic Self Improvement Page and web-site will assist you, our valuable friends,to apply small talk about easy to achieve Self Improvement.

All the various articles, and Small Talk featured here, are for people who need a little help to communicate their own emotional thoughts, hurts and feelings.

We are not necessarily talking about mental disorder, depression or other physiological issues; we are here to engage you in small talk about you and your wellbeing through the important topic of self help.

You can even contribute to this web community with feedback through the blog or “Your Small Talk” page,where you can read about other people with similar issues,and perhaps share your own story,to help someone improve their social skills and being a contributor to their self improvement.

“To the question of your life you are the answer, and to the problems of your life you are the solution.” ~Joe Cordare.

Sometime we read books, listen to mp3 files on our IPod, watch DVDs or buy expensive videos that teach us about Self Improvement techniques, hoping for quick solutions to our personal problems, and often these so called “expert fixes” fall short of our basic expectation.

To make things worse, these “quick easy fixes” increase our already heavy load to almost unbearable proportions. Not to mention the outrageous amount of money you’re asked to pay for often second class, worthless Self Improvement material.

Let’s take it up a notch!

The Art of Small will always be a Benchmark Integrity web-site, trying to inform and protect its important visitors, like you, from being unfairly treated.

The internet/intranet is flooded with self help articles, badly written e-books and outrageously expensive courses dealing with peoples basic emotional problems.

Resist falling for these shysters and their deplorable sales pitches, for an easy fix to your problems!

Remember the old saying….

“If it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is.”

Don’t waste your hard earned money! Instead seek professional medical help, where needed, or talk to friends, relatives, church family and close family, about your immediate problem, as the saying goes …..

“A shared problem is a halved problem.”

If you are on an emotional roller coaster, you need to step off, and take positive action, in order to help stabilise your emotional behaviour pattern.

It can easily be compared to the revolving diet cycle, where the dieter is gaining more kilos after torturing themselves on an “easy lose” diet fad.

The Echo Of Life

Easy to achieve Self improvement is greatly depicted in the story of the “ECHO”.

What does it really mean?

What is to be improved you may ask?

Your “self?”

Your “soul?”

Your “spirit?”

All the above functions need attention.

By re-learning new skills & forming better habits, we become more in tune with life itself. It makes us look at situations from a new vantage point, perhaps even with a wider perspective, toward our fellow man/women.

How can we improve thoughts and acquired skills if they are not formed within us?

We can only self improve and develop skills already in operation within, which are under-developed, and known as bad habits.

Easy to achieve-Self improvement is about developing:

• Better self discipline and stick with it!
• Build stronger will-power, resist temptations!
• Getting rid of negative habits and develop new positive ones.
• Improved concentration, exercise your mind!
• More patience - slow down!
• More tolerance. Hug a stranger!
• Operate in the “love mode” rather than “hate mode”!
• Practise positive behaviour, stop blaming everybody else!
• Lastly remember “a laugh a day keeps the devil away!”
• Learn to laugh, especially at your self!

Improvement requires work, and often hard, tedious work.

The important point to remember is that everything worthwhile in life needs some effort and time to gain. There is no instant improvement or development of any skill. and programs that promise immediate success, and there are many who buy them, thinking that these books or programs will immediately change their life.

People expect and look for some kind of a miracle to change their life instantly, and often get disappointed when this does not happen.

Self Improvement can only be achieved by being completely honest with your self and realising that you and only you have the answer to full recovery!

If you need help, God is the perfect Life-Coach is waiting for your call!

Easy to achieve self improvement & Small Talk topics to come:

* Build stronger willpower.

* Self Awareness.

* Shyness and how to overcome it.

• Swallowing your pride.

• Sign Language improvement.

• Speech Therapy.

• Social Skills and it’s implication.

• Seduction!How to improve your dating/marriageskills.

• Memory and concentration exercises.

• Discipline and habit forming applications.

• Tolerance and Forgiveness toward others.

• Love versus Hate Theory.

• Positive Behaviour Patterns.

• Laughter and humour therapy.

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