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Public Speaking Topics,fear,overwhelmed!

What topics to speak about?

Not quiet sure what would interest and wet the appetite of your audience?

Public Speech Topic experiencing fear and feeling overwhelmed!

Relax! We here at The-Art-Of- will be your trusted partner,in equipping you with ideas and topic, in fact all there is of value,for your ”Public Speaking Topics”.

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Speeches can be about everything.

Think about subjects, people, events, places, problems, causes and effects, and values in your community, school, college, city, politic,religion state or country.

The major guideline is: look for Public Speech topics that are interesting to you and your public, and that meet the requirements of the occasion.

Let’s put on our thinking caps and come up with some great interesting and informative ideas.

Step 1 . First, check out the rules of the public speaking topics.If there are no specific rules or requirements, then always choose to show how to do something,how something is done, how to make something,or how something works.

Step 2 . Find out what you like to talk about or love to do. Think about your favourite objects, products, people, animals, events, places, processes, procedures, concepts, policies, and special skills in your personal or professional life.

Step 3 . Find out what your listeners think are interesting speech topics. Therefore determine the interests and needs of your audience and write them down. Ask yourself: What do they want to learn?

Step 4 . Review the short list and make a decision. Pick out the topic that is interesting to you and your public, and that fits the public speaking assignment.

Step 5 . Research just one new single aspect of that topic.Try to find a creative angle of approach.For example, look for information that is new to your audience.To help you researching: look for amazing facts, figures, stories, statistics, survey results, personal and professional experiences, quotations, comparisons or contrasts.

Step 6 . Make a rough outline of arguments, pros and cons, main and sub points,steps,stages and your tips.

And there you are! Now you have a public speaking topic as well as a blueprint for your speech.

Small-Talk Tip: Keep your eyes and ears open everywhere you go. It will help you at unexpected occasions when you quickly have to come up with a speech.

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