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Political Correctness

“Political correctness is simply a speed bump in the traffic of truth, free thought and speech.” Unknown

The-art-of-small-talk Team will take you around the world,and share some serious issues,we can't be too flippant about this Marxist Ideology,the free world has been lumped with, to burden and enslave our FREEDOM with!

“The two pillars of'political correctness' are: A) willful ignorance B)a steadfast refusal to face the truth” George MacDonald

This is where we'll end up with our hard fought freedom Speech, if we don't start NOW! We pray and hope to God,that He is not allowing it to happend because of our total apathy? "I got a feeling about political correctness. I hate it. It causes us to lie silently instead of saying what we think." Hal Holbrook

Real Stories

Blackboards in school being renamed "Chalkboards" to avoid offending black people.

The real reason was that some are green. Of course, the hard white writing substance isn't actually chalk, but someone would say that "gypsum-board" is offensive to pikies. Or perhaps gypsies.

City councils worldwide are "banning" Christmas to avoid offending Muslims and other religions.

When you see a charade like this photo shoot,the only editing would be,the removal of "red eyes"!

Not really, but some use "holidays" instead. Whether this is Political Correctness Gone Mad or just acknowledging that there's a heck of a lot of holidays celebrated in December - including New Year's Eve - well, that's debatable.

Some schools having a "holiday tree" every "Winter Holiday Season".

There have been a few documented instances in Swedish schools where headmasters have proposed to remove the national flag and/or the national anthem from school ceremonies because immigrant children "would feel excluded". There have been two instances of British schools trying to rename "The Three Little Pigs" to avoid offending Muslims and other religions. When the story is circulated amongst people who are afraid of "Muslim takeover", the fact that even the Muslim Council of Britain thought it was stupid is left out.

This is related to the bizarre belief that pigs and pork are like Kryptonite to Muslims instead of just something they're not allowed to eat.

A Catholic bishop in The Netherlands actually suggested that the Dutch Christians call God "Allah" so as to make Dutch Muslims more welcome.

To put it into perspective, this makes as much sense as American Christians calling God Dios in order to make the Hispanic Americans more welcome.

Quite literally—this Bishop knows many arabic-speaking Christians who refer to God as Allah, simply because Allah is the Arabic word for God.

And this Dutch Bishop, knows a few Muslims who always say God when speaking english!

Manhole covers being renamed "Personnel Access Units" to avoid offending women.

The press hear that children have been singing Baa Baa Yellow, Green, Pink and Rainbow sheep every few years and complain about Baa Baa Black Sheep being banned due to racism. But substituting the word black for various other colours serves as a way of teaching children colours.

Even yellow, which has its own racial connotations.

Apparently, a school did change "Black" to "Rainbow" sheep.

The Small-Talk Team is a family affair,and know what it means to emmigrate,not jump que line and become asylium seekers, for whatever the circumstances may be! Check "All About Us" the long jurney from Denmark To Australia! So we have experienced the turmoil of leaving a beloved home land for new adventures, cultures ,languages and the rest!

Australia is a United Nation under one common roof!

Amazingly all these different social customs and cultures have been BLESSED!

We're working out our differences in PEACE, without too many interferences from the "DO-GOODERS" and their bludging bureacrat mates,in various government offices! See Australian Lingo!


It won't go away by itself!

Political Correctness is the root of evil,a Marxist Ideology, to imprison Free Thinking and Speaking People like YOU and me!

See where Russia is today. FREE! (Yes. We know Putin and his henchmen)

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