language Of Singapore

Language Of Singapore.

The-art-of-small-talk continue our worldwide slang-talk Tour, which includes Countries like Australia, Denmark, The Philippines and now Singapore, with its Asian multiracial makeup.

Singaporeans recognises four official languages: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

English is the language of administration. Malay is the language in which the National Anthem in sung. In schools, children usually take English as the first language and one of the other 3 as a second language.For all intents and purposes, most conversations and business in Singapore are conducted in either English or Mandarin.

Singaporeans also speak a . This local concoction mixes English with common phrases in the Chinese dialects (mostly Hokkien) and some Malay.

The use of Singlish continues to be a popular topic of public debate. Purists and Anglophiles bemoan the loss of Queen's English as they know it.

Proponents of local culture say Singlish is one of the elements that gives Singaporeans their distinctive identity. In most workplaces, Singlish is avoidedin formal settings, especially at ob interviews, meetings with clients, presentations or meetings. Nonetheless, select Singlish phrases are sometimes injected into discussions to build rapport or for a humorous effect, especially when the audience consists mainly of locals.

In other informal settings, such as during conversation with friends, or transactions in kopi tiams (coffee shops) and shopping malls, Singlish is used without restriction.

The only exception is that it may be considered impolite to speak Singlish when a foreigner is present, as it is likely that he or she will have difficulty comprehending what is being said.

In the interest of promoting equality and better communication with the rest of the world, in 2000 the government launched the "Speak Good English Movement"to eradicate it, at least from formal usage.

In spite of this, in recent years the use of Singlish on television and radio has proliferated as localised Singlish continues to be popular among Singaporeans.

As many Singaporeans are also speakers of the Chinese languages, Malay, or Indian languages such as Tamil, code switching between English and other languages also occurs very frequently.

Language Of Singapore or Singlish Slang (in alphabetical order to make it easier to follow!)

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Language Of Singapore ;

An-chua? -"Not happy har?" (Army jargon)

Angmo - Hokkien for "red-haired". Used to refer to Caucasians.or in Australian slang "Bluey"!

Ayer - Water.

Ayio! - Exclamation sound!

Barang Barang - Stuff as in bags, clutter etc.

Blarder - Brother.

Buey Song - Don't like.

C mi tong tong - What.

Chek Ark - Very inhuman, enjoy increasing other's misery.

Cheem - Difficult to understand or fathom.

Chao bia - Study very hard in the last minutes,especially during the exams time.

Chiak chua - Hokkien for "eat snake". Loafing on the job.

Chiak Pah Boey? - Eaten already? or Makan already?

Chek Ark - Very inhuman, enjoy increasing other's misery.

Chow Kuan - One kind of attitude, usually bad or simply greedy.

Dao - Proud

Ekscew me - To excuse one self.

Fwweling - Feeling mispronounced.

Ga na trash "Ga na" - Being beaten or defeated.

Giam chai salted vegetable - Born loser.

Goblock - Stupid.

Goot ah? - Telling someone he/she sucks in a scarastic singlish way.

Hah - Used as short form for "I beg your pardon".

Heng - Fortunate.

Hunnah! - 'I give up!'.

Huntum/Wack - To do something, or simply "Just do it!"

Language of Singapore "JUST DO IT" This picture says it all, we love it!

Joffee - Literal meaning: Geography.

Jude! - Pretty or beautiful.

Ka Ki Lang - People of one's kind.

Kena -Receive some kind of treatment, usually bad ones.

Kiam siap -Stingy.

Kiasu - The fear of losing out.

Kim gui - Direct translation from Hokkien is golden turtle. Available rich men or "Sugar Daddy".

Koon - To go for a nap or to catch 40 winks. "I better go and koon little while, odewise my eyebols oso come out!"

Kopi tiam - Coffee shop.

Koyok - Malay for "quack medicine". Used to describe lousy goods.

Lay long - To display, untidyness or something of little or no value.

Lelong - Sale or auction.

Looon - Endure or hoping for the best.

Low soh - To repeat yourself over and over again.

Logi - To lose out on something.

Mana Wu Eng - "What's the use".

Mata - Police.

Mati truse/truse mati as per Ke Chia - Or sure die. Eg. Sure mati truse if you don't study for your test lah!

Mat Saleh - It is used to refer any white foreigner.

Nioaw / kiam siak - Stingy.

Not qie - "Not yet".

Ohso can - A standard positive answer when asked to do something.

Orso can - No problem.

Out station - Overseas or away from home.

Pi caw sai - Very cheap.

Pita - A short form for "Pain in the behind or ar.."

Pun Chet! - Puncture.

Sa kah - To flatter someone, 'sucking up to' in Australian slang.Link lah!

Say-ee - Like to talk big.

See pai ho - Very good.

Seemi daiji? - What's up or what's going on?

As you can gather,the language of Singapore has a lot of mixed colourful strands of different languages!

Seow - Crazy,out of this world.

Seow Liao! - In deep sh..,having problem or "Gone Case".

Sia kah - To describe somebody who does something that annoys you.

Skius - Short for excuse me.

So Cham - Poor thing.

Tak boleh tahan - Unable to tolerate.

Tak boleh pakai - Can't be trusted or of no use.

Language of Singapore continues

Tau tia - Hokkien for "headache". Used to describe great difficulty.

Tsiim - Difficult to grasp.

Tua! - Usually, to indicate that one has been stood up or tricked.

Ulu - Isolated.

Wah Yang - Pretend to be busy, action-action only...

Sorry no park keh! - You can apologise to the end of the world forever!

Yuan-niang nee - Forgiving.

Stewpit - Stupid.

Language Of Singapore has, as any other non-English Countries, many "funny street signs!"

Swaih - Never mind, forget about it.

tak boleh pakai - Can't be trusted or of no use.

Thumb - What's the time?

Tombalik - Literally to turn around about 180 degrees.

Vain pork - Vain/Conceited.

Wah Yang - Pretend to be busy, action-action only...

Wo jiw jing-jing - I will then be quite .

As you can see from the above Language Of Singapore, and Singapore Slang Singlish,Singaporeans have a real sense of humour!

And Just like

Australian slang, we learn from a very early stage of life to "Have a fair go!" and go and have a good laugh at oueselves!

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We have tried to capture the spirit of the Language of Singapore,to enable our visitors some maybe newly-found Singaporeans Slang/Sayings , they can use when communicating on the net or perhaps, when visiting Singapore.

What a wonderful destination of any travel in the world!

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