Inspirational Christmas Stories.

Inspirational Christmas Stories.

Its Christmas again! has been challenged by the negative outlook many Christians display,in regard to the celebration of Christmas,and we have written this Inspirational Christmas Story article, to challenge them to Rejoice, rather than criticize,this great opportunity that presents itself, sharing Christmas with the world and its celebration of it.

Now you have two choices, one you can celebrate the birth of Christ, or you can celebrate the event as a simple Holy Day! Sorry we meant holiday.

Christians! That goes for you too!

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Philippians4:4

What is it that we Christians don’t understand about this simple word “REJOICE”?

Before we share the definition, let’s get back to Inspirational Christmas Stories headline.

When Christmas arrives the number of web-sites popping up everywhere about The Celebration of Christmas, is overwhelming, everybody want to share in this miracle, Christians as well as non-Christians.

What a marvellous opportunity to share and inspire The Miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ with the entire world!

Santa Clause figures prominently in the Inspirational Christmas Stories everywhere.

The kids anticipate Santa’s coming with presents, with such fervour that the days up to Christmas are almost unbearable for them to endure.

Now ”Hold your horses” as we say in Australian Slang which means, wait a moment or take a break!

Let’s Small-Talk about the word Rejoice, and what it really means, you see fellow Christians we believe many of you may have a wrong understanding about this wonderful uplifting promise from The Bible?

Here’s the Word "Rejoice” from the Blue letter Bible org. is defined as;

Strongs # Hebrew/Greek Word Pronunciation English Equivalent

H1524 giyl ghçl REJOICE, joy, gladness, exceedingly, of your sort

H2302 chadah khä•dä' REJOICE, joined, made glad

H4885 masows mä•sôs' joy, mirth, REJOICE

H5937 `alaz ä•laz' REJOICE, triumph, joyful

H5938 `alez ä•lâz' REJOICE

H5947 `alliyz al•lçz' REJOICE, joyous

H5965 `alac ä•las' REJOICE, peacock, solace

H5970 `alats ä•lats' REJOICE, joyful, triumph

H7442 ranan rä•nan' sing, REJOICE, sing aloud, shout, shout for joy, sing for joy, crieth, cry out, shout aloud, misc

H7797 suws süs REJOICE, glad, greatly, joy, mirth

H7832 sachaq sä•khak' play, laugh, REJOICE, scorn, sport, merry, mock, deride, derision, mockers

H8055 samach sä•makh' REJOICE, glad, joy, joyful, merry, misc

H8056 sameach sä•mâ'•akh REJOICE, glad, joyful, merry, merrily, merryhearted

H8057 simchah sim•khä' joy, gladness, mirth, REJOICE, rejoicing, misc

New Testament (Greek)

G21 agalliaô ä-gäl-lç-ä'-ô REJOICE, be exceeding glad, be glad, greatly REJOICE, with exceeding joy

G2165 euphrainô yü-frî'-nô REJOICE, be merry, make merry, fare, make glad

G2620 katakauchaomai kä-tä-kau-khä'-o-mî boast against, REJOICE against, glory, boast

G2744 kauchaomai kau-khä'-o-mî glory, boast, REJOICE, make boast, joy

G2745 kauchçma kau'-khâ-mä rejoicing, to glory, glorying, boasting, REJOICE

G4796 sygchairô sün-khî'-rô with,REJOICE in

G5463 chairô khî'-rô REJOICE, be glad, joy, hail, greeting, God speed, all hail, joyfully, farewell

And Saints this is what the Word Rejoice means!

So next time you want to argue with the world, weather Christ was born on Christmas Day, or does it fit in with your,(often narrow minded biblical view),of what is appropriate for celebrating Christmas, presents or no presents etc. etc.

STOP for a moment and listen to the command of Jesus Christ;

“Mat 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.

This Inspirational Christmas Stories around the world are all about The Birth of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, or Hosanna in the highest.

This time is the most unique opportunity to set out religious differences aside and unite with the entire world celebrating Christmas.

How many times does every little corner of our society come together and have Carrols at night, sung and watched by millions of TV viewers globally?


Are you getting The Lord’s Revelation?

Christmas may be pagan and commercialised, but never-the-less; it’s the greatest opportunity to share the Message with the world, and make new friends!

Merry Christmas!

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