Hip Hop Slang.

Slang/Language or Hip Hop Slang

Small-Talk about the lingo,slang culture and how important it is for a huge part of the global youth and adult culture.

Slang is the non-standard use of words in a language and sometimes the Slang terms are often particular to a certain subculture - such as hip hop.

Several scholarly works have begun to explore the relationship between slang and African American English!

Below is a list of alternatives to general English that has been adapted by many in the Hip Hop Slang community.

The-art-of-small-talk Team has compiled the list of slang words, for your further EDUCATION!

Alternative Pronunciation Anatomy Brand Names & Commercial Trademarks Consumer Products Drug Terms Gang Terms Gun Terms Locations Numbers Concepts Relationships Miscellaneous Phrases

Alternative Spelling Conjoined Words Partial Words Replacement Suffix Actions Anatomy Brand Names & Commercial Trademarks Consumer Products Drug Terms Gang Terms Gun Terms Locations Numbers Concepts Relationships Miscellaneous Phrases

Alternative Pronunciation

Used to shorten, alter, or change the sound of a word. Often used for ease of rhyming or to fit into rhythm, such as placing emphasis on the "O" vowel, while dropping the end consontants.

  • aight,aite,aw-ite- all right.
  • axe-ask "I want to axe you a question."
  • befo'-before "I told you this befo'."
  • da'-the "He's da' man."
  • dat-that "I love dat."
  • dis-this "I love dis."
  • down-I'm up for it. "I'm down."
  • fitty-fifty "He's fitty years old."
  • flava-flavor.
  • flow-to rap,can also be used as a noun,"Listen to myflow."
  • flo'-floor.
  • fo'(1)-for "This is fo' my Aunt."
  • fo'(2)-the number four.
  • fo'(3)-short for before,or any fore suffix.
  • mo'-more "I can't stand it no mo."
  • moo'-move "moo’ over there for me."
  • 'sup-what's up.

Alternative Spelling Hip Hop Slang.

Spelling that

alters letters in a word but results in roughly the same pronunciation. The intent is to place more emphasis on a part of the Slang word than in the traditional pronunciation.

  • boi-boy.
  • herre-here,pronounced as "her",introduced by rap artist Nelly in song lyrics,"It's getting hot in herre."
  • phat-very cool.

Conjoined Hip Hop Slang Words.

Words that are combined for ease of pronunciation, and to reduce the total number of syllables.

  • busta-snitch,"You's a busta." payce-peace"Payce dawg."
Partial Words

Uses part of a word to represent an entire word in Hip Hop Slang.

  • cuz-short for because.
  • cuz(2)-a citation what's up cuz?/cousin,especially in Crips.Slang "He's my cuz."
  • feds-short for Federal Agents, refers to cops or other law enforcement agencies.

  • popo-cops, short for police.
  • po'-poor "He's too po' to afford a house."
  • sitc-situation.
Replacement Suffix

The ending of a word is removed, and replaced with a new suffix used as a substitute, much like Pig latin.

  • hizzle(1)-house.
  • hizzle(2)-hook,as in "Off the hook".
  • rizzle-real.
  • shizzle-sure.
  • tizzle-a state of agitation or nervousness.
Actions for Hip Hop Slang.
  • bail-leave "I'm gonna bail."
  • be-are,am,is-usually refers to location "I be over here." or "He be sleeping right now."
  • bent-intoxicated.
  • buggin'-acting in a manner which is not socially acceptable "Why she buggin'?".
  • bumpin'-to one's liking "That song is bumpin'."
  • busta move-to act quickly,or to perform a dance move.
  • bust out(1)-to leave, to exit. "He busted out of the club."
  • bust out(2)-to show or introduce something."He busted out a deck of playing cards from his coat pocket."
  • chillin'-relaxing."We chillin' at State and 3rd."
  • dime-hot girl.
  • diss- to show disrespect.
  • fittin' or fixin'-going to do something "I'm fittin' to buy me some cigarettes."
  • gank-to steal "He ganked my ride."
  • jet-leave "We gotta jet."
  • lunchin'-behaving erratically.
  • roll out-to leave.
  • scrap-to fight "We scrapped in the back yard."
  • booty-buttocks,especially female.
  • guns-muscular arms.

Brand Names & Commercial Trademarks. Learn more about Product Mentions in Rap Music.

  • Benz-short for Mercedes Benz, known for luxury automobiles.
  • Cristal-Roederer Cristal,a brand of champagne.
  • Lex-short for Lexus, known for luxury automobiles.
Consumer Products For Hip Hop Slang
  • bub-short for bubbly,i.e.champagne.
  • rims-wheels of a vehicle, often a customized wheel replacing a manufacturer wheel, with an appealing design or "bling-bling" appearance.Size is also a factor,generally twenty to twenty-four inches denotes luxury or extra expense.
  • whip-car.
Drug Terms
  • bud-marijuana.
  • dime-dimebag,dimesack,sawbuck-a ten dollar "bag" of illicit drugs.
  • ice-crystalized methamphetamine,ice cream, dream catcher. mac-blunt. nick-nickel,nickelbag,nickelsack,a five dollar "bag" of illicit drugs.
  • yayo,yay-cocaine.
  • weed-buda,shwag,mota,mary jane,dodo,green,fire,smoke,watar peace stick,bluntos.Hydro-dro,dodo,banga, ganja,dank, sticky.
  • elbow-LB (lb.)pound of illicit drugs.
  • dub-a twenty dollar "bag" of illicit drugs.
  • quarter-a twenty five dollar "bag" of illicit drugs.
  • eight ball-an eight ounce "bag" of illicit drugs.
  • roll-MDMA, ecstasy pill.
Gang Terms
  • gangsta-member of a street gang.
  • playa-someone who is not monogamous/someone who's really in,someone who's got a lot of respect.
  • playa hata-one who has ill feelings towards the actions of a playa/someone with no respect,wanksta.
  • thug-hard core gangster.
  • wanksta-fake ass gangsta.
  • P.H.D.-pimping hoes daily.
  • noassatall-no ass at all.
  • chillax-chilling while relaxing.
  • white girl-cocaine,coke,yayo,blow.
Gun Terms
  • cap - bullet.
  • Mac 10, Mac - gun.
  • nine, nina - 9mm handgun.
  • piece - gun.
  • strapped up - holding a gun.
  • AR - AR 15 machine gun.
  • K - ak 47.
  • pump - shotgun.
  • pistol - gun.
  • heat - gun.
  • biscuit - gun.
  • ruger - gun.
  • 4 pounda - 40 caliber gun..
  • 44 - 44 caliber gun.
  • areous - area.

  • crib - place of residence.

  • hood - neighbourhood.

  • bodega - corner store-wine bar (in Europe).

  • the shops - mall somewhere to go shopping.

  • benjamins - refers to 100 dollar bills after the American president Benjamin Franklin, whose face is on them. "It's all about the benjamins".

  • bling bling - expensive jewelry or other expensive material possessions, refers to the imaginary sound of glistening metal or other shiny surfaces. "bling bling" added to Oxford Dictionary.
  • bo janglin'–stupid,not paying attention.
  • dime-a very attractive woman,a "ten" on a scale of one-to-ten.
  • fly - appealing "She is so fly."
  • koolin' it -kickin' it,chilling.
  • kickin' - appealing "Those rims are kickin."
  • straight - okay.
  • tight - attractive "Your car is tight."
  • wack-not to one's liking "This relationship is totally wack."
  • boo - boy/girlfriend, beau.

  • boyz - gang friends.

  • brurva - a male acquaintance.

  • crew - one's good friends (similar to boyz).

  • haps - mother.

  • hoodrat - girl with loose morals.

  • homie, homey, homeboy - friend.

  • peeps - people, acquantainces.
  • shorty - girl, or girl on the side.


  • jakes - cops.
  • jonx - belongings.
  • lowckin - checking out the scene.
Phrases For Hip Hop Slang ( Great Spelling, you school teachers should be proud? Only Joking, Hip Hop Slang Is here to stay!)

Yow Bro! Take ur Cuz to Australian Slang , for a real Buzz Down Under!

  • da bomb - the bomb, i.e. cool, appealing, or popular.
  • my bad - my mistake.
  • off the hook, off the chain-unbelievable, outrageous,wild, etc.
  • peace out-good bye.
  • rise up,foo-bring it on.
  • school ya-to teach a lesson,to win a confrontation.
  • sku me - excuse me.
  • whas goin' down?-what are we doin` tonight?
  • what tha dilly yo?-what is going on?
  • what up?-hello how are you?
  • word up-got that straight,that's right,or how's it going?
The Hip Hop Slang is no different to all the silly song lyrics of the 60'70'&80'!

Last but not least we'll leave Yuz all with a chilled remainder, where if Yuz take it to the extreme, here's where you'll be worshipping your god!


Hip HOP Slang in its innocent usage is ok for slang fun,but don't take it too serious!

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