Drunk Driving and Small-Talk Tips, about how to Avoid this Crime!

Drunk Driving

The Small-Talk Team have compile some interesting, and yet horrendous,facts about this rapid increasing,world wide,crime behind wheels,by both teens and their parents!

Here's a photo of a DUI driver and the scars received after the crash! Alcohol and drugs the cause!

Look up our latest Teen Acronyms Finder!

We have endless global drunk driving campaigns,to educate People against DUI (driving under influence).

We ask, why don't they work?

There are various opinions; Apathy,"same old thing" like cigarette "Warning Stickers" advertised on packs of smokes,we become sensitized with all the Images bombardment, day in day out!

Small-Talk Tip!

ZERO tolerance like the Scandinavian country Sweden!

No Booze, Zilch, Nil!

Penalty for DUI,prison,jail locked away for years,no early parole or weekend detention here!The vehicle confiscated never to be released!

We can almost hear someone saying "too harsh". You're kidding ain't you, try to reason with some one who has lost an innocent daughter,son or close relatives,thanks to a drunk criminal!

We are all quick to blame teens and young drivers for being irresponsible, but hang on a moment! Where did they suddenly learn all these bad habits;alcohol,drugs and smokes from?

YES!You're spot on!

Their parents most probably,where they copied antics, parents get them self into, when under influence of drugs and alcohol at home and away.

Ask yourself this important question "WHO DO I KNOW WHO HAS BEEN CAUGHT FOR DUI DRIVING?"

So in conclusion we believe parents has the sole responsibility in being the right role-model to their kids and especially teens, while they grow, study and learn!

A warm and family friendly home environment, with tons of love and restraint of alcohol abuse.We won't even mention drugs, as it is still against the law to use!

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