Are you, and your Church, Dancing with the devil?

An American Folklore

"Dancing with the Devil"


,have by extensive research,and with help from our many friends,worldwide and here in Australia,found the folklore about "dancing with the devil",we hope you will enjoy the "tale" or as we say in our Australian slang "Yarn".

Let the story begin!

The girl hurried through her schoolwork as fast as she could. It was the night of the high school dance, along about 70 years ago

in the town of Kingsville, Texas. The girl was so excited about the dance. She had bought a brand new, sparkly red dress for the dance. She knew she looked smashing in it. It was going to be the best evening of her life.

Then her mother came in the house, looking pale and determined.

"You are not going to that music hall dancing with the devil!" her mother said.

"But why! Only boys and girls are there,and I don't think I'll dance with the devil, he doesn't even exist!" and "Here we go again, another doctrine on morality,God against the devil",the girl told her mother.

"I've just had a small-talk to the preacher,he says the dance is going to be for the devil and not God. You are absolutely forbidden to go," her mother said.

The girl nodded as if she accepted her mother's words. But she was determined to go and even dance with the devil,if he was there!

As soon as her mother was busy, she put on her brand new red dress and ran down to the K.C. Hall where the dance was being held.

As soon as she walked into the room, all the guys turned to look at her. She was startled by all the small-talk about her, and especially the huge attention, she received. Normally,no one noticed her.

Her mother sometimes accused her of being too awkward to get a boyfriend. But she was not awkward that night. The boys in her class were fighting with each other to small-talk and dance with her.

Later, she broke away from the crowd and went to the table to get some punch to drink. She heard a sudden hush. The music stopped. When she turned, she saw a handsome man with jet black hair and clothes standing next to her.

"Dance with me," he said.

She managed to stammer a "yes", completely stunned by this gorgeous man. He led her out on the dance floor. The music sprang up at once.

She found herself dancing better than she had ever danced before.

They were the center of attention.

Then the man spun her around and around. She gasped for breath, trying to step out of the spin. But he spun her faster and faster. Her feet felt hot. The floor seemed to melt under her. He spun her even faster. She was spinning so fast that a cloud of dust flew up around them both so that they were hidden from the crowd.

When the dust settled, the girl was gone. The man in black bowed once to the crowd and disappeared. The devil had come to his party and he had spun the girl all the way to hell.

The dancing with the devil was over!

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It has become fashionable today, even in many evangelical churches, to avoid "indoctrination" in favor of "discussion" and "personal Christianity."

This is a great mistake and largely accounts for the increasing secularization of our society and the weak testimony of the Christian church.

In the Bible,teaching and doctrine are the same, so that true teaching is indoctrination, and teaching "all things whatsoever I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:20)is an integral part of Christ’s great commission.

It is imperative that we, like Paul, teach "all the counsel of God" (Acts 20:27), for "whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God" (II John 9).

"The fear if The Lord is the beginning of wisdom" Psalm 19:9

So we ask again "are you still dancing with the devil?"

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