Cyber Bullying,

Being an innocent Cyber Bullying victim , or victimizing innocent people?

The-Art-Of-Small-Talk-team, will help parents of children and teens,to understand this special negative part,Cyber Bullying, of the net culture!

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Please don't dwell on the negative, but rather enjoy the fantastic World Wide Web, by being educated through this informative site.

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Cyber harrasment can be any of the following:

Text Messages: Sent to an individual or group of individuals using threatening statements and foul language in order to provoke fear in the recipient.

Picture Messages: Used to make the recipient feel threatened using explecit images that may cause fear or embarrassment and can be sent to numerous recipients. This has led to a bullying culture known as ‘Happy Slapping’ whereby the agressor will attack the person being victimized and then share the footage of the attack with others.

By Phone Call: which as the name suggests is a method of harrasment by calling a person/s and telling them of their intent to hurt,or cause them actual bodily harm.It can also be just simply phoning the person,harrasing him/her repeatedly, without speaking a word.

By Email: Sending emails to the person being bullied from an unspecified email address, or using the email of another person so as to shift the blame elsewhere,this can be used to send illicit photos and/or defamatory content that can often offend.

Instant Message (IM): This is where a person being bullied may receive messages in real-time using an Instant Messaging program that allows your child to conduct conversations with friends over the Internet.

See chat room dangers Indeed there are many ways in which Cyber harrasment can manifest itself but those listed above are by far the most commonly used.

It has been reported that Cyber Bullying can have just as much of a devastating affect on children and teens, and their behaviour,than if they were being physically attacked by a Cyber aggressor,or verbally abused in person.

It is also the case that the perpetrator has more deniability using these methods of har than if they did carry out a personal verbal or physical attack on your child.

Cyber harrasment limits greatly the chances of the aggressor being seen carrying out the act of perpetrating.

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