Conversation Starters With Small-Talk Success.

"When the rubber hit the road” is what Conversation Starters and small talk is all about!

Traction and Action!

Think for a moment, you are on your way to work at Australia Square Sydney. The99th floor,and suddenly,your Big Big Boss, CEO of Australia’s Premier Company BHP Billiton, walks in to the lift, what are you going to say?


But here’s your great opportunity to get “in his ear” and enlighten him about the great work you are performing on a daily basis, in his company.

Let’s try to think “outside the box” for a moment.

What have you got to loose?

Your life?

Hardly, we have a law against that kind of stuff here in Australia!

Your job will be terminated!

We have Union Laws against that too!

Try some of these conversation starters,they work every time we guarantee it!

What football team do you follow Sir? Wait for his answer (In other words Shut Up!) Did they win or lose over the weekend? Who’s your favourite all time great player? How many games did he play?

Or perhaps sport is not your greatest subject,what about Children?

It goes like this;

"Did you spend some quality time with your children over the holiday Sir?"

(Again the golden rule, shut up after asking a question!)

"Which school, college, and uni do they attend?"

"Do the play any sport? (Here we go again)."

"Or, no kids! (Easy!)"

"Would you like to have kids in the future?"

Can’t have any!

(Strewth, as we say in Australia!)

"What about adoption!"

Or let’s try a curly one; we still got 30 levels to go....!

Or maybe it’s time to be a bit serious; after all he is the big Boss.

We believe sincerely, that Conversation starters can be taught or acquired.

We will share these small-talk secrets with you over a period of time,so that you will be prepared for any situation at any time,even in a lift with the most prominent CEO,or any other celebrity you might get stuck with in a lift or anywhere unexpectedly!

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