Computer Lingo And Small-talk Tips!

What is computer lingo, you might ask?

As we said before, it is a new language, of sorts, made up of thousands of abbreviated words and terms, like “JK”,“AML”, “IDK”,“MSG” and the good-old favourite “LOL”.

Small-Talk Tip!

In short, it is a language that many people use daily, but only a few people understand completely.

For those who have grown up with computers, Internet, mobiles, iPods, and DVDs (namely teenagers or the “Internet Generation”), this strange new language is part of everyday communications – they have never known any different.

To them a conversation made up of acronyms is quite normal and makes perfect sense. However, for those of us who are Baby Boomers, or even part of Generation X, the internet shorthand is like a garbled mess of Gobble-di-Gook (I wonder if Generations Y and Z understand that term?).

By now, you might have realised that there is a problem with communication between these different generations – the Baby Boomers and those young, Net-savvy teenagers – and it is true; technology has created a huge chasm in communication and understanding between generations.

There are some who say the two generations are just too different, and that there is no way to bridge that gap.

We say, we beg to differ!

Like an home made "sling-shooter" has they ever made one of theese? We think not!

Learning Computer Lingo and html language programming, can help to bridge the electronic generation gap. If you can understand your children and grandchildren, it will be easier to communicate with them, and make yourself interesting in there's eyes.

Small-Talk Tip!

One of the keys to good communication with teenagers is showing a real interest in the things that are interest them – so if your kids are glued to the computer, or seem to have mobile phones growing from their ears, maybe it’s time you ventured further into the world of mobiles, SMS, MSN, Myspace, and Facebook (if you haven’t already).

To do so you will need to know the basics of Internet jargon and continue to keep your knowledge of net lingo and text-messaging shorthand up-to-date) so you can understand what is being said.

Without learning the shorthand today’s youth use to communicate, talking to teenagers is just like trying to speak to a foreigner who only speaks a language that you do not understand,just like real languages,just like our mother tongue, danish, som vi stadigvaek taler!, which we still speak!

We, the friendly staff at, are going to try (you’ll have to bear with us, please, because we find the Internet lingo just as confusing as you) to help you. We will act as translator – or at least the teenagers in our family will!

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