Christian Denominations & Small Talk Tips!

Christian Denominations.

The Small Talk Team touches on a sometime controversial Christian topic "Christian Denominations" Which one is true?

Let's give you one of our sayings " When Christians mature, denominational ideaology dissapear!" and "LOVE" replaces this void.

There exist roughly 39,000 different denominational groups worldwide in 2008.

That is up from 500 to 1800, and the number is expected to grow to 55,000 by 2025.

We estimate, according to Christian research sources,that a new Christian denomination is formed every 12 hours!

Wekipedia does a great job listing the largest denominations. Religion Facts compares the major denominations.

And has provided you with links to hundreds of official denominational websites!

Since Church Relevance focuses primarily on Protestantism, we'll elaborate on that data.

Catholicism - (1,200,000,000 )

Roman Catholic Church -(1,131,000,000)



Assemblies of God-(54,700,000)

New Apostolic Church-(11,000,000)

Foursquare Church-8,000,000)

Church of God in Christ-(5,490,000)


Southern Baptist Convention-(16,300,000)

Lutheranism -(87,000,000)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America-(4,800,000)

Methodism -(75,000,000)

United Methodist Church-(12,000,000)

African Methodist Episcopal Church- (5,000,000)

Reformed Churches- (75,000,000)

Presbyterian Church U.S.A.-(3,000,000)

United Church of Christ-(1,200,000)

Non-Denominational Evangelicalism-(40,000,000)

Calvary Chapel-(25,000,000)

The Vineyard-(15,000,000)


Seventh-day Adventists-(15,000,000)

Church of Christ-(5,000,000)

Christian Church(Disciples of Christ)-(750,000)




Eastern Orthodoxy -(260,000,000)

Oriental Orthodox Church-(81,000,000 adherents)

Anglicanism-(77,000,000 adherents)

Episcopal Church in the U.S.A.-(2,150,000)


Jehovah’s Witnesses-(17,670,000)



Obviously, there are significant theological differences between the main branches of Christianity - Catholicism, Protestantism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodox Church, Anglicanism, Nontrinitarianism, and Nestorianism.

In fact, many might argue that some denominations are not Christianity at all!

Keep in mind, there are also significant dogmatic differences among churches within each denomination.

For example, we know Charismatic Catholics, and we know Charismatic churches that act like Baptists. We know there is a great deal of diversity in the United Methodist Church.

And Presbyterians and the United and anglicans, have been divided on homosexuality issues.

The list could go on!

Who is the author of cofusion?

See an interview with the devil! A must for all true Christian to see!

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