Australian Slang.

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Australian Slang & Small-Talk. will continue from "slang talk" where we started our World Tour, and introducing to You!, our many various International visitors,to a variety of humorous and outrages worldwide Slangs & Rhymes.

We'll travel to The Philippines,and experience the exotic and richly flavoured Filipino language and slang!

Let's go with the Australian Slang as we live "Down Under" in "true Blue" Aussie Country!

Denmark and its unique Danish slang-language

will be next of the rank, being our country of birth!

Let's start our Slang Tour with Sheila's (girls)and Fella's (blokes)...

Apples = Apples and pears = Stairs
Barnet = Barnet Fair = Hair
Barney = Barney Rubble = Trouble
Bubble = Bubble bath = Laugh
Boat = Boat race = Face
Butcher'hook = Butcher's hook = Crook
Captain Cook = Have a Captain Cook = Look
China = China plate = Mate (friend)
Dead 'orse = Dead horse = Tomato sauce
Dog = Dog and bone = Telephone
Frog = Frog and toad = Road
Jam = Jam jar = Car
J. Arthur = L Arthur = Bank
Pony = Pony and trap = Crap
Porkies = Pork pies = Lies
Raspberry Tart= Fart = To break wind
Rosie = Rosy Lee = Tea
Ruby = Ruby Murray = Curry
Saucepan = Saucepan lid = Kid
Septic = Septic Tank = Yank (American)
Trouble = Trouble and strife = Wife
Tom = Tomfoolery = Jewellery
Skin = Skin and blister = Sister
Plates = Plates of meat = Feet
Water = Water bottle = Throttle
Whistle = Whistle and flute = Suit

We have our own unique Australian Slang as every other Nation around the World, and sometime the slang or rhyme can only be appreciated if you live and have been part of the culture.

Before we introduce you to Australian humour, we'll share how

we Aussies, are making "heaps" of money online?

So here's an aboriginal or politically correct, indeginous rhyme;

Here in Australia we have many funny sayings, and one thing we do well in Oz (Australia),is that we don't take ourselves too serious!

We learn at an early age to laugh at ourselves, so we don't get too surprised when somebody happens to take the "mickey out of us"! Strewth! Crieky!

Have a Captain Cook (Look) at Slang Talk

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