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Australian Money.

History of Money.

Before money was invented and people wanted or needed something they would barter. Coins were first used in 1,000 B.C. in a country named Lydia.

China was the first country to use paper bills for money. The North American Indians used Wampum. The people in the United States first decided to make their own currency when they needed money to pay for the Revolutionary War.

Before the mid-1800's each dollar was worth a certain amount of gold or silver. Banks printed all the money Just like today!Lol!.

There were more than 10,000 different types of dollars that were printed. These bills (notes) were made in various sizes, colors and designs.

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Australian Money.

In the early Australian history, Our Ancestors used Rum as trading currency!

Maybe in the not too far distance WE'LL BE BACK TO THAT EARLY STAGE! THE WAY WE'RE GOING!(Only joking!)

Decimal currency, Dollars and Cents, was introduced into Australia February 14th. 1966, so many Australian don't know about the old currency or the slang terms used.

The old Imperial currency was known as LSD, no not the drug, but Pounds Shillings and Pence. The symbol for Pounds is £, not unlike the letter "L", Shillings was S, and for some reason Pence was represented by the letter "D", hence LSD.

There was also a rich Sayning for the old currency:

*Trey - three pence

*Zack – sixpence

*Deener, deenah or bob - schilling

*Two bob - two shilling or a florin

*Quid - pound.

There seemed to be no for a penny, or a farthing, 1/4 penny, but a 1/2 penny was pronounced "hapenny".

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For some reason there is no slang for the current decimal currency, except perhaps the American "buck" for dollar, although not used very widely.

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