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"All About Us", and an insight to, who we are, and what we are doing here at!

When people (including us) visit a new website they are not familiar with, often they head to the "All About Us" or "About Me" page. Maybe out of curiousity, or maybe to suss out the author behind the website.

By clicking onto this page, you have proved this theory right! So now we are going to try to share our story with you - hope you enjoy and BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!

We came to Australia way back in 1969 from our beloved Denmark, to encounter new adventures in a "sunburnt" Southern Land, Australia.

We sailed the Atlantic via the Indian Ocean, visiting Dakar, East Africa and South Africa on our way. And what a dramatic social difference we all experienced, coming from a small insulated country, to a vast new continent!

Click on "Map of Australia" below, to see our humorous Australian Slang & Sayings!Lol!

You may wonder why a young Danish couple in their very early 20's, with 2 young daughters, would make a 35 day journey on a ocean liner, sailing around the world, way back in the days of "Cold War " between East & West, Atomic nuclear threats, assassination of The Kennedy's and a growing unrest, especially in South Africa with the ugly apartheid policy adopted, why?

WHY NOT? Our, "All about Us", Family Motto.

Remember one of our favourite sayings:

"Behold the turtle; he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out!"

What a great saying!? It describes the reason for our Australian adventure!

Now, let's talk about family for a moment. After all, this page is "all about us" and our family, and "the Family" is the nucleus in life, right?

"All About Us" continues;

When leaving Denmark in 1968, we were married and had our two daughters aged 1 and 3! So you can imagine the uproar and family talk that went on, when deciding to immigrate to big, beautiful Australia, where the Roos, in Australian slang, or kangaroos, walks the streets, and koalas rummage around the neighbourhood! At least that was what we had heard, and we found it to be true, on the Northern Beaches of New South Wales,the best beach area in Australia.

We lived next to Tom Carroll at Newport Beach, and Damien Hardman - both former surfing world champions. Just name dropping a bit! ha ha......

It was a wonderful place to live and for our daughters to grow up in – surf, sand and leisure to the max. We all enjoyed a great lifestyle, which when looking back, would be envied by many, especially Danish folk in the icy-cold, dark winter.

Enough raving about our wonderful past and "all about us"!

On with today’s topic:, why this web-site and how we came to develop it, especially without being web-savvy!

Unfortunately we can't tell you it was easy (in fact it still isn't!), but we continue to build the site into a formidable info web-site answering all the questions of communication, but with the great assistance of "Site Build It!" which we came to know by searching the web for a source of extra income. Searching the Net for marketing opportunities, in it self, was the most frustrating time we have spent doing, what a jungle and what outrageous promises and HOT DEALS WE WERE OFFERED!

BEWARE, friend, of the fast talking oil-snake salespeople, just like the old Wild West. Just like we came close to being tricked into scams, you could be too. But we are here to warn you, now.

People will not just use small talk but BIG BIG talk, and promise you everything under the sun. Beware, we say, before you venture to the out-back of Net Land.

But do not be too worried - this is where we found that "SBI" (Site Build It) provided us with comfort and expertise.

Most importantly this great site-building website was easy-to-use, and gave us a great sense of security.

Ps! We Would Love to share about "How we're making money online here in Australia!


"The-art-of-small-talk" came to us while working our successful Home Ice Cream franchise business, we are constantly speaking with our customers both small and tall. The need for small talk is in every one of us, daily.

Just think about your own experiences with "small talk" conversations.

Maybe you use small talk in meetings be they business meetings or parent-teacher interviews; or maybe you’ve used small talk when you run into acquaintances down at the supermarket? Just like you, our daily routine involves chatting with everyone under the sun.

When we are out selling ice cream, we have seen that our youngest customers engage naturally in easy conversations, conveying their exciting newfound experience at Kindergarten or at pre-school, showing their latest Ken Done (world famous artist painter) art form or Picasso like drawings (We have lost count of how many of their fabulous artworks we have on our fridge doors!)

How excited and eager to share newly learnt information these children are. Maybe we grown-ups can learn a thing or two about communication and the art of small-talk from our children

What a truly great way to communicate and interacte with your ice cream customers on a daily basis.

Here's a quick summary of typical day in the life of the Home Ice Cream man:

~ Receiving a flower and a "scribble" from Sarah.

~ Mrs. Noel needs sympathy for a crook knee, which is not working too well in our cold weather(19`C winter in Australia!)

~ Little John showing off his latest Batman costume received for his birthday. His brother Jimmy, of course, already has a Spiderman's outfit with cape, gloves and the lot! and not forgetting.....Elsie, their bigger sister's latest Barbie outfit! And on we travel...

~ Old John, who last year lost his beloved Louise, is a bit down on attitude, struggling with his newly acquired "walking-aid", and in need of an encouraging word and perhaps a little joke to get him through the day.

~ Jane is off to hospital, again, for her second knee operation, the last one didn't work out to well.

~ And there is alwasys someone complaining (not our regulars, of course) "I can never catch you, you drive too fast!"

IT'S ALL MY FAULT! Even if they are the one’s who are not at home, or are at work, or in the shower, or on the loo! AFTER ALL BY NOW, after all its not All About Us, in our busines But our wonderful customers! And(after 7 years in the saddle) I SHOULD KNOW WHERE and WHEN the ice cream customers are at any moment in their life! (“Tell him, he’s dreaming!” – some Aussie film fans will get this… it’s from the movie “The Castle”!)

Of course, for every bad apple there are plenty good ones!

The day continues:

~ Peter has been celebrating again, what a jovial fellow he is when full of the spirit!

~ Young Amy let me in on her final rehearsal for her clarinet exam, and for the record, is playing the whole piece of music behind the ice cream truck! What talent and attitude she exhibit right there on the street, in front of everyone.

Now, enough for one eventful day and all about us at HOME ICE CREAM!

How is your “small-talk” day progressing?

You see, we all engage in some form of chatting, and often we don’t realise we are doing it! And just like our little girls and boys mentioned previously, they can surely show us grown ups a lesson or two in the art of small talk!

Now that you know all about us, please continue along on this journey with us at the

Now to what about YOU " What's Your Purpose? See this wonderful short narrative you'll be inspired!

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