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The Small-Talk Team will help you to understand the often complex e-commerce and especially ebook shopping and e-publishing and reselling.We'll touch on these topics shortly!

What are ebooks?

E books are defined as literature found online. It is called an e book because of the electronic pages the pages are written on.

This is the by-product of advancing technologies and here are the benefits of e books in the market today.

1) Cheaper

The whole cost of book printing, aside for the payment for the content, makes a conventional book much more expensive. Add to this the environmental impact of the creation of paper and the disposal of ink then the costs go much, much higher.

Ebooks do not have this as there are repositories online for the e books and there is no environmental impact for its creation.

s it is electronic, the ebook consumes only a fraction of the needed energy and finances compared to a conventional book.

2) Easier to maintain A conventional book requires space and care to preserve its contents. Thus, upkeep and maintenance against age and pests would be a daily task.

An e book on the other hand has minimal space in the world wide web to occupy and there are no problems as against insects or aging.

Though there are virus attacks and hacker issues, these can easily maintained and corrected by a few lines of code.

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