In all aspects of life,the ability to make "small talk",is an acquired art, and can be a highly valuable communication skill to possess.

From home Mum or home Dad,(these are the uni-sex funny days!)to million dollar income packaged Ceo's around the world,the art of this special communication know-how, can certainly get you there, quick fast!

It can help you to get friendships started and 'breaks the ice', that uncomfortable awkwardness before important business meetings and other social events.

"Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone." is an Australian family operated site for people from unique backgrounds around the world,seeking to improve their every day social and business communication skills.

We are not professional communication "experts" with degrees after our names, but down to earth fun loving people, with an acquired art of conversation through our daily family business, meeting and having conversations with other people, of all ages and backgrounds,just doing our daily chores,and enjoying every precious moment.

The art of small talk, enable us to engage in small talk,and has over the years fostered an everlasting friendship with our so-called customers, and our conversations with these wonderful "Aussie" families over the years have enabled us to share in their:




What an absolute privilege and honour meeting all these families, all through The-Art-Of-Small-Talk!

We will share our thoughts about all aspects of life, through the Art-Of-Small-Talk and you our friends can learn a thing or two on the way.

Here's an exiting list of the latest news-worthy topics a must to see!

making small talk
How To Make Small Talk Tips! Helping You Making Small Talk Interesting.The-art-of-small-talk " Ice Breakers. Successfully Applying These Easy To Follow Free Tips On How To Have Meaningful Conversations
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Small talk
The Unique Small Talk Technique! Ready-made Small Talk Tips for Dating,Business,Pleasure,Travelling,Working,Schooling and at Home! All Your Conversations & Communications Are covered! Translations!
Conversation Starters
Conversation Starters With Small Talk. Your sure winner to successful living! Great Tips about Kids conversations!Translation available in all major Languages! A must to see!
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All about us and our daily life in Australia. Come see our journey.
Small-Talk Blog Your Own Personal Story. Stories written by real people. is all about communicating by blogging through Small-Talk special stories and small-talk, from people locally, here in Australia and globally,with each other.
Social networking
Small Talk about Social Networking,Its Service And How to Socialize Properly!
Sensational Twitter,Twitters,Twit! What Is It All About? Find Out With our Famous Small Talk Tips On How to Twit!For Fun OR For Making Money Online! Free Translation and Software NOW!
Family Chats
Regular family chats can be a fun and productive way of communication to ensure you have a strong, healthy and tight-knit family. Smal-Talk Tips on how to talk with Your entire family.Translation Avai
baby talk
How Wonderful To Hear Baby Talk! But Do You Understand What They Are Saying? Find Out How To Speak And Understand Your Babies! List Of Most Used Words!
Teens And Puberty ! Small Talk Advise On How To Avoid Acne! Great Simple Natural Ways Of Avoiding Scarring! Amazing Ways Of Healing! Translation in all major languages. FREE!
Join Our SlangTour around the World.Small TalkTips to become Street Smart! Translation Available Into All Major Languages.The-art-of-small-talk in general Slang .It's Free & Easy to Learn!
Slang Talk
International communication with Slang Talk. Your way to hit on with folks around your world travel. This Small-Talk Slang will make you a Hit where ever you go!Language Breaking Tool.Free Translat..
Site build it
Your Online Success Depend on Site Build It! Small talk about Building your Own Web Site.Easy Steps for Beginners, LIke Me!The best and most Simple, Friendly Bunch of Affiliate People!Translate Now!
Cyberbullying stories
Verdict in MySpace Cyberbullying Stories. Is your Teen a Victim? A must for all parents of Teenagers to See. Check It Out Now!
Verbal harassment, Physical assault and other Subtle methods of Coercion such as manipulation! What is it? Click to find out about this Bullying Phenomenon!
Make Money Online For Free
Your Passport To Financial Success Or Ruin! How to arrive safely! How To make Money Online For Free! Easy,Simple,Totally FREE! No Hype Or Scams Here! We'll Help You!
Making Money Online
Top Money Making Online Gurus. See Who They Are,These Amazing Entrepreneurs?Small Talk Tips On How They Are Making Money Online & "Creaming" The Market! FREE Translation Available!
affiliate marketing
Easy Steps To affiliate marketing Tips! We'll Provide You With Small Talk About How To Start Your Own On-line Marketing Business! Translation To All Major Languages,It's Totally Free! No Hidden Cost.
australian money
Learn For FREE How We Are making Australian Money Online! Small Talk Tips about how to get Started Online Marketing! FEE Currency Converter! FREE Translation into All Major Languages!
cyber stories
Warning to all Teens Using chat rooms.Your True Cyber Stories are For Teen Parents ,about Cyber Crime. Small-Talk about chat room police and their Success catching Cybernet perpetrators.Real Stories!
language of Singapore
Exotic language of Singapore.Experience the local Singlish Singaporean Slang! Also Our FREE Expert Small Talk Tips, to enable the Visitors to assimilate with the local Singaporeans Lifestyle!
free online flash games
Your Own Free Online Flash Games Arcade! Small Talk Invites Young & Old In to Our "Small Talk Arcade" Where The Free Fun Starts Now! Translation in All Major Languages! IT"S TOTALLY FREE!
Ebook shop
Looking for Great Reading or Reselling?The Premier Ebook Shop,Small-talk Tips on How To Buy,Create,Make a Business out of Online Ebooks.How To Make and Write Ebooks! Translation Available.All Lingos
Money Talks.
Money talks,small- talk, monies,depression,How to survive Recession! Compare the Great Depression and learn Important Survival Techniques Thru The-Art-Of-Small-Talk! Don't miss these important Tips.
Bible facts
See The Apostle Paul's Warning To The Thessalonians About! Bible Facts And Small-Talk regarding ;Anarchist Lawlessness,The Biblical Truth About Anarchism & Anarchists Obstruction Of The Law ! Check!
How To Know What-Is-Gods-Will For Your Life! Small Talk Tips On How Do His Will Regarding Your Work! WOW How Simple? Want To Know If You're In His Will?
Saving Grace
Are You Looking For New Living. New Life.New Heart! God's Saving Grace To You Direct! Small Talk Tips How To Be Gracefully Born Anew!Jesus Saves & Gives You A New Living! Free Translation!
Small-Talk about Your Substance Addiction,Your Behaviour around your Loved Ones! How To Detect !Most Importantly Your Freedom from addiction!Translation available!
Body language
Relax help is on it's way! Want to know the basics of Body Language Tips? We got it here! Easy Small Talk Tips about "How To" Techniques. It's All Free & Translation Available Into All Major Language!
Public Speaking
Maybe you find yourself wondering, Why AM I afraid of speaking publicly? We give you tips on how to face that fear, and to better your public speaking skills.
wedding speeches
Small-talk Tips on wedding speeches,funny jokes and on-liners in marriage! Humourous Mother-in-law Yarns.Free Speeches for Bestman,Groom,Toasts and other articles Free To You,No Cost!
Computer Lingo
Does the strange abbreviated language of computer talk confuse you? We help you keep up-to-date on the latest computer lingo and text messaging shorthand.
political correctness
Are You a Prisoner of Political Correctness? Small-Talk Tips on how to avoid the Trap! Articles from around the world...Holland,Britain,Sweden...Translation available in all major languages! ITS FREE!
Identity theft online
Is Your Identity Being Stolen Right Now?Or perhaps your Teens are being targeted as Identity Theft Online Victims? See live Photos of Thieves Here. What do they look like?
Self Improvement
Overcome shyness, Easy to achieve Self Improvement tips. Dating tips, laughter therapy, and many more. This Is What You are looking for! Don't be shy!
Acceptance through Mourning and Grieving, Some most Important Free Small-Talk Tips to get you over the deep Loss of a most loved family member.How to say a Good Good-bye? Translation Available!
inspirational stories
Are you in need of some Inspirational?These truely Inspirational Stories will not only Lift The Spirit but also inspire you to greater challenges.Small-Talk about life's possitive aspect for You!
Inspirational short stories
Famous Inspirational short stories about beeing set free as birds! Small-talk of immense importance! Read about the preacher Buys Back !
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